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Posted by Mathieu Gorge on 01-04-2019
What has Blockchain got to do with Cybersecurity? Find out in this short instructional video by VigiTrust eLearning. 


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Video transcript for 'What is  the fit between Blockchain and Cybersecurity?'

What is Blockchain? A blockchain is basically a decentralized, digital, and public ledger. It is a global online database which anyone, anywhere, with an internet connection can use.

A blockchain is a continuously growing list of records, mostly known for being a support for cryptocurrency. Each block is linked and secured using cryptography.

What is the fit between blockchain and cybersecurity?

  1. Distributed and decentralized:
    1. No single location or central authority
    2. Each block has multiple copies, stored in several locations.
    3. Prevents human intervention from becoming an attack vector.
  2. Secured:
    1. Each block contains a cryptographic hash that is computationally irreversible.
    2. Each time new data is stored in a new block, a new key is cryptographically created.
    3. In this manner, the data is extremely secure and the threat of a possible attack is reduced.
  3. Available and confidential:
    1. Public-key cryptography authenticates users and encrypts their transactions, ensuring confidentiality.
    2. In the case of DDoS attacks, the system will operate as normal thanks to multiple copies of the ledger.
    3. Blockchain technology has no single point of failure.
  4. Transparent and auditable:
    1. Every transaction is timestamped and signed digitally so that it may be traced back and located.
    2. Blockchain offers companies a level of security and transparency over every iteration and ensures that the data has not been subject to tampering and is authentic.


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